Banking Service

Banking industry has become "Anywhere, Anytime and Anyhow" Banking. With years, banks are also adding services to their customers. The Indian banking industry is passing through a phase of customers market. The customers have more choices in choosing their banks. A competition has been established within the banks operating in India.

With stiff competition and advancement of technology, the services provided by banks have become more easy and convenient. The past days are witness to an hour wait before withdrawing cash from accounts. But today's customer wants something more than banks than merely banking. This section of banking deals with the latest discovery in the banking instruments along with the polished version of their old systems.

Starfin is a Business Correspondent for State Bank of India. Starfin is appointing Customer Service Points for Sate Bank of India for FIP Villages and in Metro and Urban for decongestion of branches. Starfin is opening No-Frill accounts in FIP Villages.

Money Transfer

Money Transfer description: Transfer money, deposit funds instantly to any SBI account via

Starfin Customer Service Points.

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SBI No-Frill Accounts

Now customers can open the accounts with a proof of ID and a passport size photograph. They can deposit cash, withdrawals, money transfers and payments at Starfin Customer Service Points

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